Travel Industry Marketing

In this age of post-Covid recovery and expected recession your marketing dollars need to been highly targeted to audience with the financial capability and intention to travel. Our audience persona and lifestyle targeting can help reach these individuals are present your ads. 

Highly targeted ads to
reach people planning
their next vacation.

USA travellers


Researching & planning vacation next 3 months.
12.4M - 15.7M individuals

Canadian travelers


Researching & planning vacation next 3 months.
432K - 1.2M individuals

United Kingdom travelers


Researching & planning vacation next 3 months.
1.8M - 5.2M individuals

Multi-channel Advertising

Multi-channel marketing takes a consumer-centric view. Consumers can now interact with your brand on the largest data driven channels, from display media sources and TV sources. An multi-channel approach ensures that the consumer has engaging, consistent & top-of-mind experience with your brand.

Streaming TV Ads

Streaming TV ads

Tap into some of the largest streaming TV channels such as FireTV, YouTube & Hulu. Create awareness campaigns or strong calls-to-action that directly lead to purchases or leads.


Display ads

Get exposed to highly targeted individuals with interest or persona matching your brand via our network of display ad partners: Amazon, FireTV, Google, Twitch, Yahoo & more.

Audio Ads

Audio ads

Connect with targeted individuals when they are away from their screens via audio ads. Bring your brand message to audiences with 10-to-30-second audio ads, which play periodically during breaks between music and podcast content.

Campaign Reports

Get accurate and in-depth reporting metrics for all campaigns via our campaign dashboard.


We provide fully-managed service to all our clients. Get access to our team via email or phone.

Optimized Pricing 

Low overheads and automation helps us run campaigns at 20% reduced campaign budgets.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker

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