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Earn money when users search via your app!
$30K-150K per month

Users on your keyboard app conduct searches all day, why not make money each time they search! Use our paid search feeds to help your users search popular search engines.  


Search engine companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo are exploring more opportunities to get user generated searches. 

By working with us, you can incorporate search into your app. When users search and organically click on the paid ads on search results page, you get a % of the ad click revenue. 

Curious on how to integrate it? See the image on top, or contact us.


The revenue varies based on the user's country location, type of searches, quality of the searches etc. But in general, you can expect to earn $30-55 per 1000 searches.


Its quite simple, just pass the keyword the user searches for into the url string we provide and execute it. The url will result in a search page with the results.

You should be working with us!

Highest Earnings

Due to our direct relationship with Bing, Yahoo and other partners, we are able to pay our publisher partners high earnings. Try 1 week with us and compare your earnings.

Transparent Stats

Get daily updates on your search queries and income. 

Search Type Flexibility 

Wether it's a user inputted search query, click to search, extensions, mobile apps, or desktop apps, we provide search monetization for all.

Ready to get started?

If you want your site, extension, or apps to earn money via search, we are the best company to work with.


Search Questions

We currently work with Yahoo and Bing search services.

There is $0 cost to you. We provide all API documentation to integrate search into your products. You need to build your own extension and submit it to Google Chrome and Firefox app stores.

Revenue will vary based on your user demographics, or the keywords they search.  Here are few example.  In these examples, we assume your users are in USA and conduct at least 1 search per day themselves. Note, we don't allow any incentivized ads or forced ad clicks.

Ex 1: if you had 10,000 USA users, your monthly income would be $2000-$12000 monthly
Ex 2: if you have 500,000 USA users, your monthly income would be $88K - $615K monthly

As you can see the earnings are pretty significant.

We pay partners their earnings on Net45 basis.

RPMs ~$100 USD

All searches done by your users need to be organic and natural. That being said the following must be true:
1. no incentive for users to search
2. no adult, gambling, violence, or dating related content
3. no cta, forced clicks on searches via any gamification or promotions allowed
4. user must conduct the keyword search themselves by inputting the keyword
5. No N2S, or D2S

Rule of thumb: the user should decide to search using the search tool. You should not motivate them in any way.

The rules here are general rules. You'll read more details in our terms.  We take our rules & requirements seriously. We only work with the best. Those who violate our rules will have their contracts terminated.

Simply put, search feeds let you integrate a search box into your website, app, software or browser extension so that your users can conduct a keyword search and see the results of it on Bing or Yahoo. 

Search feeds are simple to integrate.  Usually a search url string is provided so that the search keyword is appended to the url and the results of that search keyword can appear on a page. 

You may integrate the feed into any website where a user can conduct a search by manually inputting a keyword and clicking search.  If you need to integrate search into an app or software, please contact us and share the details.

Integrate into your...
- Search Pages
- N2S marketing
- Content sites

Search Feed Benefits



While using your app, your  user's may have valid reasons to  search the web. Why not monetize this need? Adding our search feed API lets your user's search and enjoy your products further.



When user's conduct searches, you earn a significant % of the search earnings. This create an additional revenue model for your business.

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