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We work with:
✓ browser extensions
✓ mobile app developers
✓ desktop app developers
✓ content creators
✓ N2S marketers

Generate $100's to $1000's daily using our solution.  

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Our team of experts has helps startups and small to mid sized business to monetize their traffic as well as driven in targeted visitors that covert. Contact us for a free consultation. 

Our Services:

Chrome Browser Extension Monetization

Search Feed Monetization

Earn money with your browser extensions.   

Generate $30K to 150K per month. Do this by integrating a Bing or Yahoo powered search feature into your extension. Each time your user conduct a search through your extension, you can earn money.

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Mobile App Monetization

We work with keyboard app developers to help them increase revenue from their apps anywhere from $30K to 150K per month.

We do this by having you integrate a Google or Bing powered search feature into your app. Each time your user does a search through your app, you can earn money.

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Persona Marketing

Inbound Traffic Marketing

Our platform is connected to various SSPs that enables us to target audiences across the TV, internet & audio that match your ideal customer persona. 

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