Branded Browser Extensions 

Browsers extensions can be a natural extension of your site's content and services. Built into the customer's desktop browser, it provides constant interaction with your users while away from your site. Additionally, it is a powerful call to action to bring them back to your site.

Learn how Extensions can add Value to your site.

Extension Benefits



Since browser extensions are built into your user's browser, you can push relevant, value added data that will draw them back to your site. Imagine pushing user's news updates, coupons, scores, stock trades, etc.



Based on your request, we build your extension with search capabilities powered by Yahoo. When user's conduct searches, you earn a significant % of the search earnings. This create an additional revenue model for your business.

Custom Extension Examples

Personal Product Extension

Educational Widget

Let's educator/guru/business owner promote their products. Links to popular online lines. Search functionality built it.

Package Tracker Extension

Package Tracker Extension

Let's users track their shipped packages from various shippers. Links to popular online lines.  Search functionality  built it.

Audio News Extension

Slide-in Extension

On-demand extension. User click slides-in the widget.  Can be customized any any content.

Daily News Extension

Daily  News

Let's users access their favorite news content. Personally  greets user with name and local time. Search functionality built in.

Works with any Browser

We build extensions for every major browser on the market.






Extensions FAQ

Our developers will build custom extensions that support your users using Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. We also provide yearly maintenance. 1 year is free and the following years are set at fair prices.

Our extensions are fairly priced. The cost varies depending on the extent of customization and capabilities you would like to add. Typically ranges from $1500-10K depending on the complexity. However, as part of the cost, we help setup your Google Chrome developer account, and help you navigate the approval process.

Once we develop the extension, your team will upload the extension into Chrome, Firefox and Edge browser stores. The extension will exist under your account and will be 100% owned by you. We will provide maintenance as per the agreement.

Extensions powered by search capabilities produce revenue when your user searches the web using the extension search bar. Over the user's lifetime, each user can produce between $1-$25. The revenue varies by user.

The right way to look at the user's value is the above revenue + value of the user when they return to your site due to the extension's call to action elements.

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