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We are a team of marketing industry veterans with over 20+ years experience.

Our Principles

Customer Success

Customer Obsession:

Our customers are publishers and advertisers. Our business exits only if we provide value to our customers. We need to ensure our customers get high value out of product and service. They should be wowed by our service, our product and our support.


Wow factor:

In order to win in a competitive space, we cannot be like our competition. We need to build wow factors into our product, our service and any outwardly visible content.


Never stay stagnant:

In business those who stay in one place, never make strategic change and never experiment slowly see their business die. We want to be dynamic, energetic, encourage experimentation, and need to get extremely uncomfortable if business has been stable for a period of time.


Be an owner:

Owners think big, they ensure the company & it's various parts perform at peak. Every team member  should have an owner's perspective on the respective areas they work in. When you see an issue & no one is resolving it, think if I don't do it who will, then take the necessary actions.

Our Team Our team

Our team

We are a global remote team, with members from US, Philippines, Guatemala and Mexico. Our team consists of experts in marketing, monetization, partnerships and technology.

Our founding team are Y Combinator alumni who have raised money from top Silicon Valley Investors: YC, SV Angels & A16Z

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